• My life is an endless cycle of building, breaking, and fixing.

    A track record of adapting theories into robust, practical design solutions.


    The following is a brief overview of past projects. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas.


  • "Engineering is the art of modeling materials we do not wholly understand, into shapes we cannot precisely analyse so as to withstand forces we cannot properly assess..."


    - A. R. Dykes

  • "Design is basic to all human activities - the placing and patterning of any act towards a desired goal constitutes a design process."


    - Victor Papanek


    Design in the Office.


    Mechanical Engineer, San francisco, ca

    Design: Geostationary satellite structures + payload configuration & detail design. Clean-sheet composite and metallic component design, tolerancing, and GD&T drawings per ASME-Y-14.5-2009. Feed and waveguide network co-engineering with Astranis RF team and external CMs. Internal ME whiteboard, design reviews, and team mentorship. SolidWorks top-level CAD & EPDM definition, organization, and management.

    Analysis: Bus-level finite element model creation and development in Femap Nastran. Iterative composite & metallic structural design maximizing stiffness and minimizing mass. Spreadsheet based verification of spacecraft level margins to projected ground and launch loads: Panel inserts, fastener sizing, metallic stress, composite strain, and thin skin buckling. Secondary structure piece part analysis in Femap & Ansys.

    Build: Component design optimization for manufacturing. Custom and off the shelf component sourcing, purchasing and CM/vendor management. Assembly procedures and instruction. Cleanroom assembly of qualification and flight hardware.


    February 2019 - Current


    Mechanical Engineer, San francisco, CA

    • Design: Mass constrained and stiffness driven spacecraft structures. Mechanisms for solar, comms and optical deployables. Precision rotating machinery and Bearing selection. Cross-disiplinary work with EE, Optical, Thermal, and RF. Co-engineering with CM. GD&T drawings per ASME-Y-14.5-2009.
    • Analysis: STOP analysis via Ansys & SigFit to simulate optical performance for given CONOPS. Structural Static, Modal, & Dynamic simulations in Ansys/SW to meet GEVs + Planet requirements.
    • Build: Design release via EPDM + PLM. Build engineering support with Manufacturing team via MES. Technician instruction and Build guide generation. Mechanism and structural qualification testing.


    March 2017 - January 2019


    Aeromechanical Engineer, San Francisco, CA

    • Structures Design Lead: Defined loads then analyzed and designed structural components for a fixed-wing UAV made from SLS Nylon, EPP, carbon fiber and thermo-formed plastics. Worked directly with Hardware to fully integrate guidance and power electronics, ie Smart Battery, Autopilot etc

    • Testing: Verified FEA predictions with static and dynamic load tests. Field testing of completed UAS.

    • Management: Defined project timelines, BOM, Contract Manufacture relationships, Vendor relations, communicated project risks and intentions to executives.


    April 2016 - December 2016


    Aeronautical Engineer, Brooklyn, NY

    • Design: Selection of airframe architecture, packaging, and use cases. Definition of vehicle load cases and structural design of mass efficient components with a focus on system redundancy, reliability, and stability.

    • Testing: Subsystem testing, mechanical and electronic. Static load testing of airframes to Limit Load conditions. Flight testing and tuning of completed UAVs.


    April 2015 - February 2016

    3D Robotics

    Flight Engineer, Berkeley, CA

    • Prototype Engineering: Design/build fixtures, test stands, antennae tracker, and automated accelerometer calibration jig for production line.

    • Flight Operations: Flight testing, vehicle tuning, and investor interaction.

    • Lab Management: Organization, material and supplies acquisition, and build advice.


    September 2014 - April 2015


    Structures Intern, Hawthorne, CA

    “Cradle to Grave” responsibility of 3 outer mold line flight parts for the Hypersonic Gridfin assembly while working on a small scale team with additional support from loads, aero, and thermal engineers. Defined load regimes, designed with iterative Femap FEA analysis including random vibration, drafted production drawings per AMSE-Y-14.5-2009 and GD&T.


    May - September 2014

    TerraSoar Project

    Lead Engineer, Brooklyn, NY

    Performed configuration and sizing analysis to develop conceptual model for an original LSA aircraft. Scaled subsequent model to 1/6th of full size and redesigned for composite prototyping. Manufactured prototype and performed flight testing. CFD analysis of airframe and subsequent FEA analysis of internal structure.


    May 2013 – May 2014

    Falkor Systems

    Programming Intern, Manhattan, NY

    Introduced to Linux and Robot Operating System (ROS) while working to achieve PWM output from the ARM Cortex-A8 powered BeagleBone microcontroller for direct control of an autonomous “Follow Me” Quadrotor. Designed quadrotor frame components in AutoCAD and laser cut prototypes from Delrin plastic.


    Aug. 2012-Dec. 2012

    MYT Works

    Mechanical Engineer Intern, Manhattan, NY

    Developed improved camera mounts and rigs from conceptual sketches to machinable Solidworks parts. Designed an alternative to the conventional Mitchel mount and also a configurable high strength rescue Tripod.


    Fall 2011


    Design from Home.


    Airframe design engineer

    •Sub-Scale: Maintain, upgrade, and retrofit test vehicle as deemed necessary testing
    •Pilot in Command: Sub-scale testing, range safety, testing protocols
    •Design Engineering: Outer Mold Line surface modelling, structures sizing and design for a 3000 lb gross UAV, control system design and analysis


    January 2017 - February 2017

    ECCO Design

    product design engineer

    Worked closely with industrial designers to solve electrical and mechanical contact problems for lighting and consumer electronics. DFM, Illustrate patent drawings, model production components and assemblies, and proof of concept prototypes.


    February 2016 - March 2016

    Uplift Aeronautics

    Aeronautical Engineer Volunteer

    Autonomous payload delivery has a multitude of potential applications, most importantly in developing countries which lack necessary infrastructure. Motivated by specific examples of famine and besieged cities in Syria a desired mission profile for delivering aid was set. Autonomous flight of 50 km with a 2 kg payload and a 50 km return journey after having dropped the payload.


    December 2014 - January 2016

    Minimalist Wallet

    product design engineer

    Concept model of a new phone case/wallet for Motivate Design in New York, NY

    Designed and Rendered in SolidWorks



    Sound Dome

    product design engineer

    Concept design of a directional speaker system developed for a private project

    Designed and Rendered in Solidworks





    Transposed structural sketches into CAD drawings for David Keane P.E., PC in NY, NY

    Work completed in AutoCAD 2012


    2012 Summer

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